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Jackson County Land Bank

1118 Francis St / 5-069700000

1118 Francis St Land Bank Property

The purchaser is responsible for investigating all outstanding taxes, special assessments, etc not included in the minimum bid, check with the local unit.

All interested parties will need to fill out appropriate forms and return to the Land Bank Authority.

Forms will be reviewed by committee with final Board approval.

Parcel Identification Number: 5-069700000
Listing Price:
Address: 1118 Francis St
Township: City Of Jackson
Local Unit Zoning:  
Parcel Status (Improved, Vacant): Vacant
Lot Size/Acreage: 0.21
State Equalized Value (SEV):  
Special Assessments Levied by Local Unit (This does NOT include pending Assessments or made during forfeiture/foreclosure):  
Legal Description: LOT 9 EX N 6 INCHES BLK 2 MERRIMAN'S ADD
Information To Acquire:  
Click Here for Side Lot Application form
The information on this page was obtained from the Assessing Department of the Local Unit of Government. Jackson County Land Bank, its agents, assigns, and/or representatives assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Any prospective purchaser cannot rely on this information and must make all inquires of the Local Unit of Government and rely on legal opinions, legal advice, TAX CYCLE, title searches, and all other legal means.
Local Unit Contact: City of Jackson (517) 788-4043
Treasurer's Office Contact: (517) 788-4418

If you have any other questions contact the Karen Coffman at


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